Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction enables an individual to integrate psychological and emotional growth into his or her own spirituality and is an integral part of our intensive outpatient program.


We understand that spiritual healing is essential for transformation. The treatment of religious and clergy would be incomplete without this component, as it is spirituality which accords a sense of meaning and significance beyond simple psychological insight.


What to Expect


Our spiritual direction approach flows out of a centuries-old Christian tradition of offering companionship to another on his or her spiritual journey. This includes assisting individuals in exploring how God is at work in their lives, deepening their relationship with God, discerning life choices and growing toward greater wholeness.


In each session, directees are encouraged to initiate conversation about their spiritual experiences, prayer, desires, concerns or struggles as these arise out of the very real context of their daily lives. The directee and director then reflect upon these together.


The frequency of spiritual direction sessions are negotiated based on individual needs, but typically are held monthly. Our staff consists of well-trained priest, religious and lay spiritual directors who have extensive experience working with Catholic clergy and religious.


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