Intensive Outpatient


Our Intensive Outpatient Program provides in-depth treatment in a non-residential environment. Participants first undergo an initial assessment.


Requirements for Care


Participants come to us from around the world. They must have the capacity to communicate in English even if it is not their native language; be safe in an outpatient environment and not at risk of self-harm or harm to others; and be able to commute to the center by public or private transportation.


We assist with housing through the generous hospitality of local communities or parishes who can offer short-term housing during treatment.


About the Intensive Outpatient Program


This six-month program offers interpersonally focused and psychoeducational treatment for Catholic clergy and religious. Services are offered six days per week, Monday-Saturday, and include:



  • Intensive group therapy (three days per week)
  • Spirituality group (once per week)
  • Groups include 6-8 clients and two facilitators (male and female)
  • Wide range of issues is addressed, depending on the needs of the clients in attendance
  • Direction and feedback by the therapists, and feedback from group members to an individual working in the session
  • Two elective groups, on addictions and sexual health

Individual therapy and spiritual direction

  • Offered, at a minimum, on a weekly basis
  • Tailored to the needs of the individual client

Psycho-educational workshops

  • Weekly, on Saturdays, and led by a member of the staff or adjunct staff
  • A different topic is introduced each week during the duration of the six-month program

Progress and feedback

  • Progress is tracked during monthly staff meetings and a mid-term written evaluation
  • At the conclusion of the intensive program a discharge conference is held with the client, therapeutic staff and the superior/referring contact person
  • Recommendations for maintaining progress and follow-up care are provided




Clients are invited and strongly urged to participate in four aftercare workshops.


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