Group Therapy


Group psychotherapy serves as a potent venue for change, growth and healing. It is a safe environment where a person is allowed and encouraged to be their authentic self. It provides a valuable opportunity to hear and incorporate objective feedback about how they are perceived, and to learn healthier and more optimal ways of relating.


Services include ongoing process-oriented groups and specialty groups. A one-time intake evaluation may be required for membership in some of the groups to gather pertinent clinical information and to assess the fit between the client’s needs and a particular group.


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About Groups


Groups are comprised of 5-8 clients and two facilitators (male and female). A wide range of issues are addressed, depending on the type of group and the needs of the individual clients. Examples of specialty groups include working with difficult people, conflict resolution, dealing with grief and loss, and sturggles with addiction (e.g., alcohol, drug, food, and/or sexual). Other groups that may be offered include transition issues (retirement, change in ministry and/or decline in health) and team building, with ongoing support and supervision.


Services for Religious Communities


In addition to offering groups at our offices on Brentwood, we are available to facilitate groups off-site for your community or diocese.


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