Comprehensive Evaluations


Evaluation Services


Our four-day evaluation aims to aid an individual and his or her superior in understanding the nature of the individual’s problems.


Effective treatment begins with an accurate assessment of the individual’s spiritual, emotional and psychological state. It also is important to understand the impact of the person’s difficulties on the larger community of which he or she is a part.


Our comprehensive psychodiagnostic assessment allows the evaluation team to make recommendations for optimal treatment, whether in this program or elsewhere. Our commitment is to assist those requesting an assessment to choose the best possible course of action.


Evaluation Components

  • Complete battery of psychological tests with an in-depth clinical interview
  • Thorough psychosocial history of the person’s family background, significant child-through- adulthood experiences, and current presenting issues with particular attention to longstanding patterns of difficulty
  • Spiritual assessment, sensitively reviewing a client’s spiritual journey, and an in-depth interview with a spiritual director
  • If requested, a medical exam or assessment
  • Feedback conference (evaluation team, client and bishop or superior) to review the results and discuss the alternatives for addressing the person’s difficulties
  • Detailed report of the assessment provided to the individual and his/her superior within ten business days

The comprehensive assessment is required of all participants who may be candidates for the Intensive Treatment Program; however, assessments performed by other institutions may fulfill this requirement.


Forms for assessment clients


Please complete these two instruments prior to arriving for your evaluation.

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